Matt ! Please fix the crates :)
Hey Denbus! Hope you enjoy your stay. If there is anything you need help with join the TeamSpeak or make a post in the General Discussions section of the Forums.
Hey All
It will be open for players or not ? :p
That's what a Dev server is for.
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[Admin] sgtmatty123 a posted Jul 18, 17

Thanks for all the recent donations! you guys are legend's! Your Donations help keep the server alive!

Napf server

[Admin] sgtmatty123 a posted Jun 15, 17

Cup has been updated and the radars now work on them! Make sure you have the latest version if you cant get in the server!

Welcome guys! 

We are a little community that want's nothing more than all out war on napf!

Please post bugs in our forums.

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