I'm getting kicked everytime i try to join, but there's no error's being reported in my client logs, wondering if anything is coming up serverside, ign is ollyh
Server and Teamspeak down?
russian love ;) On BG [link]
Do not use A3 launcher to join our server. It can cause many issues on the client side.
can we get some help in ts please from a admin
You do not have access to shout.
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The Napf server is back online after the unexpected shutdown. If you run into any issues on the server please use our support ticket system to report them. Thank you for your patience.

[BG] Coxie awesome. thanks !
[Admin] sgtmatty a Sorry guys it is now, One problem after another, Infistar updated whilst the server was down and had to updated because ...
[BG] Coxie I am also having the same issues

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